Spinal Decompression

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Why Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic Is The Best For Your Spinal Decompression Treatment In High Springs, Florida

Having any trouble with decompressed intervertebral discs? Are you experiencing any problems due to damaged spinal segments? At Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic in High Springs, Florida, we offer the best chiropractic care for you. Our services ensure that you receive the best spinal decompression treatment. We make it possible for your body to heal naturally through the use of SpineMED® systems.

Why Is SpineMED® Important In Your Spinal Decompression Treatment?

Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic uses a leading spinal decompression system known as SpineMED® for your spinal decompression treatment. The treatment process applied by our chiropractic experts is non-surgical. The distraction and positioning of your cervical or lumbar spine is done using SpineMED® to promote the decompression of your injured intervertebral discs.

SpineMED® ensures that you receive a drug-free procedure to help you with spinal decompression therapies. Its non-surgical procedure guarantees that your body recovers as time goes by. At Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic, you can be sure that we use the latest SpineMED® technology and equipment to provide you with the best spinal decompression treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of SpineMED®?

The system offers easy integration with spinal decompression treatment. It also brings a new approach to spinal decompression treatment. At Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic, we provide expert SpineMED® procedures to ensure you get the best care in High Springs, Florida.

SpineMED® Systems That We Use For Your Treatment

There are various SpineMED® systems that we use to see to it that you get the best spinal decompression treatment in High Springs, Florida. These systems include:

• SpineMED® Console
A computer system is housed by this system. Our competent operators manage the parameters of your session using this system’s platform. This computer system also makes it possible for our team of professionals to monitor your digital charts.

The modern design of this system enables us to provide you with the best care possible. You can get your reports printed out to help track your progress. This system also comes with checks and remote updates. This ensures that the system is up-to-date in terms of its operational capability.


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• SpineMED® Table
At Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic, we use the SpineMED® Table to provide you with expert decompression sessions. This system facilitates the most clinically efficient procedures for you. You can take advantage of its cervical unit to decompress your injured cervical discs.

For a secure distraction session, the SpineMED® Table comes with fitted cervical restraints. These restraints provide a comfortable session for you. Our experts can target precise spinal segments through the adjustment of the system’s cervical tilt. Your torso can be anchored by the upper restraint. The features of this system guarantee that you feel comfortable during spinal decompression.

• SpineMED® Express System
You can experience efficient decompression sessions through the use of this system. This system comes with features that guarantee the best results for you. Your pelvis can be secured to the table’s moveable section. Adjustments can also be done by our experts targeting specific lumbar pathology.

The SpineMED® Express System also ensures that we have total control of your decompression session through its patient safety switch. Our experts can target precise spinal segments through the system’s cervical tilt. These features guarantee that you get the best decompression sessions in High Springs, Florida.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Spinal Decompression Treatment?

Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic is proud to take advantage of the SpineMED System for spinal decompression treatment in High Springs, Florida. This system specializes in spinal decompression procedures. You should make an appointment with us today for spinal decompression therapies.

At Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic, you are guaranteed the best possible services since the spinal decompression systems that we use are advanced. Through our team of professionals, we will provide you with spinal decompression procedures to help free you of any pain. As you progress, you’ll be able to improve function as your pain substantially reduces. Make the best decision today by contacting us today to have the best spinal decompression treatment in High Springs, Florida.

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