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Our Story

Shortly after graduating from New York Chiropractic College in December of 1987, Dr. Jack and his wife, Suzanne opened a private practice in Somerset, NJ on March 13th 1989 called Balanced Body Chiropractic Center. Following a 10 year period in solo practice he decided to hire a team of healthcare professionals comprised of a Medical Doctor, 3 Chiropractors, a Physical Therapist and a supportive nursing staff. Advanced Physicians Group was established which grew into an enormous practice employing 24 individuals at one time. After 8 years managing this multispecialty practice Dr. Jack and his wife decided to sell this practice and move their 4 children to Florida. High Springs seemed a friendly, small town to settle with his family on July 9th 2006, a huge change from the northern lifestyle they came from after 17 years of marriage and raising their family. On November 20th 2006, Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic was established. With the support of his wife and an exceptional young girl Sarah, they opened their doors and began treating patients in High Springs, Florida. Sarah was born and raised in Alachua, Florida. She was and continues to be a familiar face of our office and an integral part of our office growth and culture.

What We Do

Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic is comprised of a team of compassionate professionals striving for optimal patient outcomes by providing appropriate and individualized healthcare.We achieve favorable patient outcomes by communicating the patient’s complaints, concerns and their clinical findings to our professional staff. Unlike most chiropractic offices our professional staff has exceptional credentialing and experience. Dr. Jack maintains his license in the State of Florida through the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine with over 32 years in private practice. He is assisted by two individuals both whom are certified in the use of laser therapy and maintain their license as a Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistant.

We Answer your questions

At Dr. Jack’s Chiropractic, you get an in depth explanation of what is going on with you in plain English. Whether you have other outside medical reports, lab studies or images that we ordered you will walk away from our Report of
Findings visits having a complete understanding of your condition. We will answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Dr. Jack been a Chiropractor?

Dr. Jack has been a Chiropractic Physician since 1987.

How long has the practice been around?

Dr. Jack and his wife Suzanne entered private practice in New Jersey on March 13th 1989. They called this practice Balanced Body Chiropractic Center.

How long has this location been around?

In November 2006 we leased one room from Nancy Lincous, LMT a local High Springs massage therapist. Together with the help of a few patients’ input we came up with the name of Nancy’s massage establishment; Back in Balance. Soon our practice grew and we needed more space. We found a small residential house up the street that we converted into what our office is today.

Should I bring previous records including X-rays and/or MRI reports to my initial visit?

ABSOLUTELY! Especially if the radiographs are within three years old and no additional trauma has been incurred both the plane x-ray films and/or MRI reports can be critical following an in-depth examination in order to treat you.

Why do we use Laser Therapy in our office?

When a patient enters our office in chronic or acute pain we find the use of laser therapy to be most beneficial in not only reducing their pain but aiding the healing process. The use of laser therapy also significantly reduces the healing time. If chiropractic care is contraindicated or for whatever reason the patient does not wish to be adjusted laser therapy and/or massage therapies will be used.

Why do we use massage therapy in our office?

Depending on our objecting finds during examination, we may find one or more significant muscular components that require soft tissue mobilization. Together with use of laser therapy and/or chiropractic care the patient will respond much better. Furthermore, when the muscular component is relieved the body response optimally. Occassionally, massage therapy may be the only treatment necessary to correct the patient’s condition

Do we treat walk-in?

Our reputation and attention to patient care has been estasblished due to the fact that we schedule enough time to address patient’s needs individually. You may visit our office to schedule an appointment but we rarely can see you without one?

Dr. Jack Agliata

Dr. Jack Agliata

Doctor of Chiropractic

“Dr. Jack” (Jack Agliata DC) graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1987, after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Stockton State College in Pomona, NJ.

He has maintained a multidisciplinary practice in Somerset, NJ until moving to High Springs, Florida with his wife and four children in 2006. His multidisciplinary practice included MD’s, DC’s, PT’s, PTA, LPN and massage therapists.

Working with medical doctors and physical therapist under the same roof has strengthened my ability to direct the appropriate care following consultation and examination of each patient depending on their individual needs.” Bottom line – patients want and deserve results, and if another type of healthcare provider is needed, Dr. Jack will quickly make that recommendation.

Dr. Jack is certified in Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, which utilizes specific spinal maneuvers to strengthen and correct poor posture and spinal motion. These maneuvers are performed by the patient at home and can be a significant corrective measure in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to maintain proper spinal function.

Prior to moving to Florida, Dr. Jack was the staff physician for a large fitness center. Members would be evaluated by Dr. Jack and then be given specific exercises for their particular weakness.
In 1997 Dr. Jack received his animal chiropractic certification through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. He works under the supervision of Veterinarians that have recommend chiropractic care for their client’s dogs or horses.

Dr. Jack is also certified in Laser Therapy and has added the K-Laser to his practice, the leading manufacturer of laser therapy www.klaserusa.com.

K-laser light creates an optimal healing environment by interacting with tissue at the cellular level to reduce inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain – rapidly restoring full function to afflicted areas.

Dr. Jack, his wife Suzanne and their four children live and maintain a farm in High Springs. Together they raise grass fed Lowline Angus cattle, Katahdin sheep, chickens, turkeys and milk a few Jersey dairy cows. They also have a passion for breeding sport horses and are avid Hunter/Jumper riders.



CCPA, Certified Laser Therapist

Prior to their marriage, Suzanne began working as a Chiropractic Assistant in 1988. After she was married, Suzanne and Dr. Jack built the practice in Somerset, NJ until moving to Florida in 2006. They established Dr. Jacks Chiropractic in High Springs the same year. As this practice grew, Suzanne became interested in Photobiomodulation; class IV laser therapy. With much research and a little persuasion, she convinced her husband to purchase their first laser in 2014.  Suzanne, Sara and Dr. Jack all became certified in laser therapy. In 2016, Suzanne also became licensed as Chiropractic Physician’s Assistant.

Suzanne is primarily involved in patient care, principally performing Laser Therapy. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with their four adult children and tending to their farm full of animals. Her sincere kindness can be seen in her smile and felt within her voice.



Office Manager, CCPA, CLT

Sarah has been working at our office since we opened our present High Springs location in 2007. She primarily functions as our Office Manager, however, performs many other significant administrative duties as well. These duties included insurance work, medical billing, legal correspondence and scheduling.

Sarah received her Chiropractic Physician’s Assistance license in 2013. She is also certified in the use of Laser Therapy. With her clinical credentials and experience she is occasionally called upon to perform patient care.

Sarah’s attention to detail while maintaining a friendly and delightful demeanor has created a professional and warm environment.

Sarah was born and raised in Alachua, FL and enjoys spending time with her growing family.



Massage Therapist

Naomi is a massage and laser therapist passionate about how her skills and experience helps her clients. As an massage therapist, she is responsible for implementing the skills she’s learned from school to help her clients receive relief and comfort from there ailment. When she isn’t caring for patients, you’ll find Naomi riding dirt bikes in the woods, hunting down hogs, and spending time with her family and friends

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